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The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English language test on similar lines as the IELTS and the TOEFL. This computer-based exam focuses on day to day usage of the English Language as opposed to high-level English. It tests a candidate on the effective understanding of the English language on a day to day basis. The grading system used in PTE ensures a better level of understanding of the candidate’s proficiency in the English language.

Since the PTE is computerized the results are declared in just 5 days. In comparison, the other tests take around 2 weeks to declare the results.

The PTE  aims to access  Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking of the candidate. If you are planning to appear then connect to our Canada Immigration Consultant In Delhi  to get in-depth details. 

Why the Pearson Test of English (Academic)?
The Pearson Test of English (Academic) is trusted across the globe by various Governments, Universities, and Educational Institutes.

How many modules are there in PTE?
There are 4 modules in PTE:

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing

Reasons why most people opt for the PTE :

  1. Flexible: Test dates are available almost for over 360 days in a year in over 250 centers worldwide
  2. Fast: Results are declared typically within 5 working days
  3. Fair: Since the test uses computerized marking, it ensures that all test takers are scored accurately and impartially
  4. Secure: Various measures are taken to ensure test security like randomized test forms, palm-vein scanning and data forensics
  5. Unlimited: Test takers can send their test results to as many Universities or Institutions as they like with no extra payment

How is the PTE scored?

The scoring in PTE is done from 10 to 90 with 10 being the lowest and 90 being the highest. Increments happen by 1 point. The grading scale showcases the test taker’s ability to read, write, speak and understand instructions given in English. The scores are also provided in a graph for easy understanding of the candidate as well as the areas of improvement.

Where can it be used?

The PTE (Academic) can be used for both immigration and study overseas. The governments of Australia and New Zealand accept PTE (Academic) test scores for immigration. Various Universities across Australia, New Zealand, and Europe also accept PTE (Academic) test scores.